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  • 2010-12-17 17:47:27 Source:CNSN  (Views:120)

Cloud computing application is deepened, and CE Open won Cloud computing renowned award again

Recently, “2010 China Software Application and Development Conference” was ceremoniously held by China Software Industry Association and CNSN in Beijing. The theme was “New Thought of Internet Software”, the Conference further encircled in-depth discussion of Internet development of software industry.


Currently, Internet has been deeply and widely used throughout the world, which brings new business opportunities for every profession and industry. The software industry has the closest relationship with Internet, therefore, an obvious Internet trend in software industry is extraordinarily prominent. An important part of Internet software — Cloud Computing has been paid much attention in the Conference. In particular, CE Open has attracted attention in the industry owing to its outstanding contribution in application of cloud computing, and was awarded “The Most Potential Brand of Cloud Computing Application in 2010” by the Conference.


In fact, CE Open has drawn public attention as the largest SaaS supplier in China since Ali software declared to exit the Chinese SaaS market. According to the latest data provided by the authoritative research institutions in China, CE Open has become the largest SaaS supplier with the most users in China, far ahead of other enterprises. The sales volume of CE Open has reached RMB 350 million, which is several times more than that of the second.


According to the analysis of insiders, CE Open deserved the title of “The Most Potential Brand of Cloud Computing Application in 2010”. As one of the most important methods in which cloud computing was born, SaaS business has been generally recognized that it becomes mature gradually. In fact, CE Open has become a wind vane of cloud computing application for domestic enterprises, and has taken the lead in future development in the industry.

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