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  • 2010-09-13 17:41:09 Source:Think Tank  (Views:159)

Managers cannot take the matter on its merits

Chen Dan, the female leader of an IT services provider with over 6,000 employees — CE Dongli, was in an interested look and excitement when she was talking about all sorts of joys and sorrows of providing informatization service for SMEs. She said competition in provision of informatization services was not only limited to technology, business mode and management process but also in the comprehension of the “changing” demands of SMEs.


Think Tank: CE Dongli should belong to service industry. How does CE Dongli manage customers’ complaints?

Chen Dan: CE Dongli has a customer service department responsible for customers’ complaints. Customer service personnel are regarded as the chief representatives of customers. A report analysis of customer complaints (VOC — Voice of Customers) is prepared every month, which I spent much time on reading carefully. As a leader, I have to grasp the key links behind the problems so as to avoid its repetitions. There is no special technique, but only “seriousness”.


Think Tank: As far as I know, you spent most time on researching and understanding of situations in different branch offices each year. Can you share your experiences?

Chen Dan: People said that “I focus on major things, but not neglect small issues” and “I delegate to people, but not without keeping an eye on the progress”. I understand that all staff may hide up problems when happened, however, all corporate problems will be revealed by customers, and all the management problems will be discovered by staff.


I particularly agree with “End Theory”. I also read reports, but I prefer to going down to the grass-roots levels, for example, “ambushing” among grass-roots staff. I listened to their conversations with customers by telephone. Staff were not aware of my presence, so they would not perform vigilantly but in a normal manner. I would know whether they were promoting the targeted products showing good attitude and honesty to the customers, and I could discover something we might ignore before. Being a qualified manager, the person must pay attention to details, be accountable, and seek solutions. Usually, the person must spend 10% of his energy in solving problems and 90% in finding out the real reason behind. For me, I spend 99% of my energy on the latter.


  Think Tank: With the development of cloud computing, competition becomes vigorous, and the industry is facing much more integrations, innovations and challenges. 2010 will be the 11th anniversary of CE Dongli.  Being one of the cloud computing service providers, what is the greatest challenge CE Dongli will face to achieve an increase in users thru industry integration?


Chen Dan: The greatest challenge is the rapidly changing market which is very uncertain because customers’ demands may change at any time. For instance, IPAD has changed many customers’ habits. In addition, people aged in “80s”and “90s” have gradually become the mainstream of enterprises, they have a totally different demands and comprehension of Internet by comparing with their parents. Therefore, with the changing customers’ demands, how to keep close to customers is the greatest challenge. As an entrepreneur, it is important to find a way and make the way to be successful.

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