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  • 2011-07-21 09:59:24  (Views:122)

edu-edu’s achievement of remarkable result under the reform pilot project

In the second half of 2008, edu-edu became the provider of network education resources and platform technology for “Comprehensive Curriculum & Studies Appraisal”, one of the comprehensive reform pilot programs of Self-Study Office, Ministry of Education. edu-edu has entered cooperation agreements with 15 pilot schools in the national reform pilot provinces. As of the examination period of July 2011, edu-edu provided predominant network education resources and comprehensive curriculum platform for 87,000 candidates nationwide. The pilot reform has been successfully taken place for 10 examination periods. Subsequent to detailed analysis of data, the average examination passing rate of  candidates having participated in the reform pilot program was 24.5 %  higher than those not having participated in the program.


With its predominant network education resources, well-developed distance education technologies and professional operation teams, edu-edu is highly recognized by education and examination institutions at all levels and pilot schools across the nation, and its pilot work proved to be fruitful and fulfilled its expectation.

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